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Little Horn State Bank





Black and white photo of building with caption, "Above is our original building in Wyota."In 1919 a small group of men gathered together with an ambitious scheme: start a bank in Wyola, Montana that would provide area farmers and ranchers with a reliable bank to support their community and take care of their customers. The bank was named Little Horn State Bank and word quickly spread that not only would these folks listen to their customers’ needs, they would work hard to help them as best they could. Commitment to the community was the principle that Little Horn State Bank was founded on, and it is still the one we stand by today.
To make it in the rough world of commercial banking, the bankers at Little Horn knew they would have to sink their roots deep into the community. This strategy served them well as the Roaring Twenties gave way to the Thirties and the Great Depression. During this decade many banks were unable to hold fast in the tough times and collapsed, while Little Horn State Bank held firm and was able to aid many struggling farmers.
Our strategy remained consistent through the tough economic times that plagued the country during WWII, and through the fifties as the baby boomer generation made its entrance. During these years our clientele expanded to include customers from many Montana counties, as well as from Wyoming.
Black and white photos of cowboys and cattle.
Black and white photos of town and Native Americans.In 1966 Little Horn State Bank moved from its founding home in Wyola to the county seat of Hardin. As the needs of our customers grew, decisions were made to open a branch in Lockwood in 1997, and another on 2209 Central Avenue in Billings in 2002.
To enhance the bank’s presence in its loyal community of Hardin, a new building was completed at 835 North Center Avenue in 2007. The new structure was designed to capture the era of the Old West with the well-known wrought iron teller cages, wood banisters and boardwalks of yesteryears.
To improve overall efficiency, the Lockwood and Billings branches were consolidated into one location at 2900 Central Avenue in 2012. This new facility created one convenient location that meets the traditional and modern banking needs of the dynamic customer base found in the Billings community.
Little Horn State Bank was founded on the hardworking values of the farmers and ranchers in Montana and Wyoming. In keeping with tradition, we not only seek to preserve the Old West, but to also preserve the integrity of banking. Our focus remains on the community and your needs. We are full service banks with local ownership and local decision making, which allows us to respond to our customers quickly and with flexibility. We are proud to serve our communities and our neighbors with a friendly, hometown feeling.
To experience a friendlier style of banking, stop in or call today.